Writing a business letter in chinese

Visa for China - Letter of invitation May 8,3: A letter of invitation is now required for even Tourist visas! I've been to the visa office twice and they still haven't accepted my application.

Writing a business letter in chinese

Red Rising, Red Eclipse. Following a near six-week silence, I sent the following letter. Now, another six weeks have passed; there has been no acknowledgement of the letter, nor a response to it. In accordance with my stated intention, I am now publishing the letter.

The Australian Centre on China in the World comports itself with simple clarity of purpose; we treat our colleagues, collaborators and interested parties, be they in China or elsewhere, academic, official, private or otherwise in an even-handed, open and frank manner.

We treat with due consideration and respect responses to our work as if they were expressed with the aim of engaging in forward-looking and open intellectual debate and exchange. It is my belief that it is important to respond to official Chinese views of our academic work as if such comments and criticisms writing a business letter in chinese not a result of ideological bullying nor merely the product of fearful bureaucratic fiat or the desire to avoid possible official embarrassment.

We act as if the rhetoric of friendship, understanding and shared concerns were a reality.

writing a business letter in chinese

Throughout our Centre has acknowledged the relationship with China in a number of ways. I offer this letter as our final contribution to the anniversary. Unfortunately, I was not in Canberra at the time. Naturally, given the nature of our work, our profile in international academia and the innovative nature of our endeavours, I believe that it would be ideal if we could have similar activities in Beijing and Shanghai.

I look forward to our Centre having such an opportunity in the future. In response to your visit, I was briefed on the comments that you and your Embassy colleague presented to Dr Penny which were, I gather, based on notes that had been prepared both in Chinese and in English.

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Nonetheless, as a result of a phone discussion with me in the aftermath of your visit, Dr Penny addressed the following email to you on 3 October: Your views were clearly expressed and I am very glad we have had the opportunity to have such friendly discussions.

If you would like to do so, please send your response to me and I will pass it on to our web editors. All the best, Benjamin Penny Sadly, it would seem that due to the pressing nature of other business you have not yet had the opportunity to reply or to respond to this request.

Commonwealth Government White Paperitself launched just recently on 28 October. I have not subsequently been directly contacted by the DFAT officers concerned, although I do believe that Dr Penny bumped into the relevant DFAT personnel at a 1 October National Day celebration at your Embassy and that there was some informal conversation and exchange of information on the subject.

Since our Centre is neither an arm of government, nor answerable to the requirements of the foreign affairs bureaucracy, I will leave matters between your Embassy and DFAT to the respective officers concerned.

However, as you and your colleagues have made these approaches, I believe that in a spirit of equitable exchange it is now opportune for me to provide your Embassy, and your superiors, with further information related to our Centre, our academic work, and our responsibilities.

I think this would be a fruitful exercise, and one that I would encourage you and your superiors to consider. Well, we can provide an appropriate platform for this voice and such views. In the meantime, I think it both timely and appropriate for me to further explicate my view of matters arising from your visit.

I would point out, however, that the idea of the Centre was part of a long-term gestation dating back to the mids involving numerous colleagues and developed in light of international research best practice.

Therefore, I would hope that you appreciate that our Centre was created as a non-partisan, publicly funded university research centre; we scrupulously avoid bias and maintain an unwavering independence in our undertakings. Whereas we enjoy a cordial relationship with various Commonwealth and State government departments and individuals, and with the various political parties in the Commonwealth Parliament, as well as with leading figures in the Australian business community and among the media, we are nonetheless an academic enterprise.

As such it abides by the basic principles of rigorous scholarship, free expression and critical enquiry that are the hallmarks of best, and recognised research practice be it in Australia or overseas.

I am also pleased to report that in our one and a-half years of substantive operation we have been acknowledged for the probity, public relevance and academic value of our work by key institutions and leading colleagues in Australia, the broad Chinese world, North America, Japan, Europe and South-east Asia.

We are also presently developing contacts with new colleagues in Africa and Latin America. Our Centre, whose primary focus is on research, also has an active public policy program.

The second Forum will be held in China in a few days time. This is an academic approach about which I have written repeatedly and at length since New Sinology is, in short, concerned with:When writing a business letter, be careful to remember that conciseness is very important.

In the first paragraph, consider a friendly opening and then a statement of the main point. When writing business letters, you must pay special attention to the format and font used.

Writing for a Chinese Business Audience; Understanding Writing. New business congratulation letters and email message example to send to an associate who has started a new business, along with phrases you can include. New Business Congratulations Letter and Email Examples.

Share Writing a Letter Congratulating a College Grad on a New Job. When writing a Japanese letter to a friend, nice stationery should be used. The two photos are examples of letters from Japanese pen pals.

The letter in red is written from left to right, in the same way that an English letter is written. Dear Management, I am writing a Business Letter to apply Chinese visa, as I know letter must be addressed to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate, if I am applying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, may I know to whom I should write to on my letter?

Jun 23,  · if you know and can write chinese, i suggest you can go to the bookstore which sell chinese books, and look for books teaching chinese business letters writing, they will give you some idea.

For informal letters, the format is very similar to English letter writing, one example is:Status: Resolved. When you're writing a business letter or sending an email message, it's important to close your letter in a professional manner.

The ideal ending for a business letter conveys your thanks and respect, without eccentricity or an overly familiar tone.

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