Write about art 2015 new york

Tuesday, January 20, Seagulls on 38th Street The side streets off Eighth Avenue in the West 30s still retain a bit of that gritty flavor of old Gotham, with various one-off points of interest of the sort that seem to have been wiped clear from the rest of Manhattan. Crowned by a square-faced analog clock, this signage strikes one as something out of another era it could never be installed under current zoning laws. Yet Ben's has only been here since the mids. Ben's of West 38th Street.

Write about art 2015 new york

The technology Canon uses is way beyond my head. The first section I entered was the professional printing section. Me being an Etsy artist who uses a Canon Pixma Pro and a Canon scanner was expecting some small printers.

Boy I was wrong. It is a flatbed printer that is at least 8 ft by 10 ft as it can print an image of that size! The printing process was quick and mesmirizing to watch. I also had the chance to get my own foam board with Lady Liberty printed on it from the flatbed printer, given to me by the man above.

I pretty much stayed in that room for most of the time as the printers and other displays in the room were just cool to look at. This is a gigantic roll of paper and images printed from another huge printer in the room.

A massive display of the images printed from the rolls of paper. It pops out of the wall. I then made my way into the rest of the exhibitions including the film production, stadium, and imaging journey which had pretty insane installations that made me feel as if I was tripping on a drug.

Part of my trip into a fake film site with real Canon cameras working and filming and probably some real film makers and an actress too. You would believe you were at airport waiting for your plane to arrive, but its just a photorealistic. I was floored at that point. How many people can say they felt the brushstrokes of a Rembrant painting?

Well everyone who went to this exhibition at the Canon expo… A 2.

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With the brushstrokes and feeling of them! This image was printed. And the experience seemed so real! There was seating for spectators behind me while I took the image, a live replay of what was going on in the field, noise as if there was a real audience…endless additions that seemed so real!

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Can you imagine just walking into a film set with tons of cameras and recorders? That is exactly what this felt like. The university section was connected to medical and wellness with displays on technology used by certain schools from Canon. I also saw some designs for telescopes in the room which were cool.

The medical and wellness center was so important. As soon as I walked in the room I felt like I was in a medical center or conference.

14ème Salon d'Art Contemporain

I could definitely sense doctors in the room. The machines they had for vision, heart, and specifically breast cancer were revolutionary. My favorite one was the one where a patient lies stomach down on a bed that has a hole for the breast of the patient to enter, and it scans the breast by vibrating the blood cells, non-invasively to display the blood vessels to detect any abnormalities.

The medical and wellness center The breast tissue imaging machine my favorite machine at the Canon expo The wellness center probably with real doctors The most amazing part of the industry solutions exhibition was the augmented reality portion where you wear a headpiece and hold a tool that allows you to visualize a piece of equipment such as a printer or scanner or machine that could be in build mode or has a design, and actually interact with that design in degrees all over.

It is great technology for industries that require mechanical fixing of machines and those who are looking to interact digitally with other members on a project or workers who cannot physically be there to fix problems. Not the best photo but one of the coolest experiences. You had to be there to experience it yourself.Hamilton College is a private, liberal arts college in New York State that features a need-blind admission policy and an open curriculum.

liberal arts college in New York State that features a need-blind admission policy and an open curriculum. home.

write about art 2015 new york

BC3FFCAE9E. writing is a craft, not an art. I try to live by. In April, , Lin-Manuel Miranda, a writer, composer, and performer, received a call from the White House. The new President and the First Lady were planning to host an evening of live.

Jul 27,  · Art Fair (issue #1) The 35th annual AIPAD Photography Show New York, held at the Park Avenue Armory, back in April, , drew rave reviews, with attendance up over 12, visitors from last year's show. Oct 05,  · Alva Noë is a philosopher at the University of California, Berkeley, and the author, most recently, of “Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature.” Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook and on Twitter, .

SCOPE DEBUTS PROGRESSIVE FORMAT IN NEW LOCATION ACROSS FROM THE ARMORY SHOW. SCOPE New York’s open-plan design eschews the cookie-cutter art fair clamor for a decidedly thoughtful, polished presentation.

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