Unitary federal and confederate government advantages

Opinion on Page One First of two parts THE reported consensus within the National Security Council NSC to shift from a constitutional convention to a constituent assembly in amending the Constitution suggests that the federalism project of the administration is a train in a hurry to get moving. The declaration of the President that he will leave the presidency if the country makes the switch is no argument for federalism. He means merely to tempt political opponents; not even the desperate Liberal Party and yellow cult will take the bait. But the drug lords might consider it.

Unitary federal and confederate government advantages

Nothing is free and easy, even when you have money! With the exception of university degrees, green card, and credit; which one can achieve easily if one has money or monetary equivalent payment.

The whole system is designed to only work for those selected by nature, this thereby foments economic progress and help the country. One can study their electioneering system, tax system, financial system, justice system, security system, etc and you will notice that nothing is straight forward.

The then little known senator Obi, the much vaunted Bush-Son, and now president-elect Trump all done their homework and said what everyone else wants to hear to get elected. Hilary thought she can win by a mere coincidence of becoming the first female. In addition, she wanted to ride her husbands popularity due to his economic progress and deficit reduction; much the same way as Gore did.

Manufacturing businesses are wholesome by their nature and require all service industries as well as production services. But production sectors require fine-tuned engineers, at affordable wage.

To help create jobs the government gave licences for anyone who wanted to open a university. And this in turn led to degree milling; with little or no regulation. In the end every university student, now days, is either a pre-med, pre-law, finance and accounting, or business management.

Leaving the country to depend heavily on foreign imported human capital. It will be fascinating to see how Trump is going to curb this deficit!!!

Remember that Bush-Son failed miserably after killing the blue chip industry in the hope that he wanted to replace them Indians by Americans. The indirect result was the emergence of India.

Unitary federal and confederate government advantages

To bring back those manufacturing jobs, the US needs to compete with minimum wages with countries like India, China, Mexico, Central America and the rest. We all know that minimum wage hike is irreversible! He might think that he can offset this by lowering corporate tax and imposing custom import tax but then countries will retaliate by dumping his products.

Personally, I prefer this because I do not think that the world can afford another war like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Co created; for smoke screen.

What does this mean for those illegal migrants? High-school teens and university students will be competing with them for jobs, even menial; meaning more money to American families.

Foreign grad and undergrad students will be competing with them, this in turn spurs the attraction of the best and the brightest from overseas, for their universities. Personally, I do not think we will reach to all these because America will do what it has always done-spread freedom and democracy across the world.

Debt is an unwelcome guest at the table in many American households. As its stands, the U.A.

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Introduction. Contents Index End. In their discourses on government, Plato and Aristotle discussed all those problems which were important to an Attic citizen if he were to understand and order his barnweddingvt.com encyclopædic approach was also used in theories of government that were developed in the Middle Ages (Rehm L/).

The advantages and disadvantages between unitary, confederate and federal forms of government are in the way they maintain law and order.

Basically, the major differences between these forms of government come down to how they share political power and recognize sovereignty. Federal, Confederal, and Unitary systems of government Standard Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of federal, confederal, and unitary systems of government.

?There are several advantages and disadvantages to the unitary, confederate, and federal systems of government. The unitary government is often described as a centralized government.

It is a government in which all powers held by the government belong to a single and central agency. Federal, Confederal, and Unitary systems of government Standard Discuss the advantages • A confederation is a system of government in which sovereign states delegate power to a central government for specific purposes.

federal government more power than it had in the past. Nov 07,  · A Unitary form of government is one in which sovereignty is wholly in the hands of the national government, so that the states and localities are dependent on its will.

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