The difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

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The difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Less common examples of cosmetic surgery include: Hair replacement Arm lifts Who would have cosmetic surgery? Anyone can have cosmetic surgery, assuming that their health both physical and mental meets the requirements specified by the surgeon.

The difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Often people who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery have been unhappy with a particular area of their body for some time and finally decide to take action to get it improved. It is also commonly used to tackle the tell-tale signs of ageing, breast lift surgery for example is used to reposition drooping breasts and many facial procedures such as facelifts and fillers are designed to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

Liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty are equally popular amongst both men and women, whereas breast enlargements and tummy tucks tend to be more in the female domain.

Physical benefits — Cosmetic surgery aesthetically enhances areas of the body that the patient is unhappy with. Some women may have experienced changes in their breasts and stomach area after having children or after losing a lot of weight and, as a result, wish to have surgery to restore their body back to its original state.

Other patients have areas of their body that they have always been unhappy with, such as the shape, size or overall appearance of their nose or breasts. Emotional benefits — Many people who have undergone cosmetic surgery have expressed feelings of increased confidence and have benefited psychologically from their new improved body.

Who performs each type of surgery? As a general rule, a plastic surgeon can perform both types of surgery, however most cosmetic surgeons cannot perform plastic surgery. This is because the level of qualification for a plastic surgeon is very high, whereas a cosmetic surgeon is not required to go through such extensive medical training, although they still have to be highly qualified to perform cosmetic surgery.

As cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular, and as a result, more mainstream, there are a number of under-qualified surgeons operating within the business, many with just a basic medical degree.

Do you have to pay for both types of surgery? As the majority of plastic surgery cases are essential, the surgery is highly likely to be covered under the NHS, although some patients may choose to go on to have additional treatment privately.

Cosmetic surgery, however, is not covered under the NHS as it is considered to be elective surgery. There are occasions where cosmetic surgery is required to rectify medical matters where the patient is in serious discomfort, however these situations are unusual, and down to the discretion of the medical professional assessing the condition.

Further advice When choosing your clinic and the surgeon who will be performing the operation, you will find that there is a vast range of prices on offer. Whilst it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it is important to remember the price will reflect the experience and seniority of the surgeon.


Ultimately, cosmetic surgery is an investment on your body, and by choosing an experienced surgeon you are less likely to experience any problems. For more information on the plastic surgery Stephen McCulley offers contact the clinic on Incisional hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct an incisional hernia.

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. Many people wonder about the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery. The simplest answer is that cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and surgeries that treat burns, the hands, the head and the face.

Cosmetic surgery is a separate sub-specialty from plastic surgery and knowing the difference can help you better understand a surgeon's qualifications. Read more. Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery. Here's the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon: What’s the difference?

It is important to note that while all plastic surgeons have extensive training and can perform both reconstructive surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, not all cosmetic surgeons can perform.

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