Susan comforting baby essay

D, and Ellen Booth Church Ages 0 to 2: Babies feel secure and confident within the loving framework of caregiving rituals.

Susan comforting baby essay

SHARE The emotion of grief may be triggered by the loss of a loved one or the result of a life circumstance. Many people believe that if you have effectively mourned a loss you will then achieve closure. The notion that one mourns a loss and then gets over it, to the extent that emotions about the loss are not triggered in the future, is a myth.

Similarly, children have such expectations about getting over loss. They seem to believe that one needs to do something in particular in order to achieve that goal. Several years ago, as host of a radio talk show for kids, I asked listeners about the issue of loss.

Susan comforting baby essay

She asked, "How do I get over my mom dying? Clinical data makes it clear that any significant loss, later and repeatedly, brings up longing and sadness. Is it because these people have not achieved closure by traversing prescribed stages of mourning or because they have not "worked through the loss" as some therapists boldly claim?

As time passes, the intensity of feelings about the loss will lessen, you might also find ways to sooth or distract yourself, or you can partially bury grief-related feelings by creating new memories.

Instead you have to figure out what you are going to do when your emotional memories are later triggered. Emotions that have to do with loss are triggered throughout our lives. Usually they are in the form of anniversary reactions, such as the birthday or death day of the lost loved one or any significant holiday in which you might want to be with the person who is gone.

Episodes of depression or anxiety that seem to come from nowhere may have been activated by anniversary reactions or situation-matching reactions.

The remarkable power of age-matching anniversary reactions arising from the loss of a parent in childhood was demonstrated to me when I began training as a psychologist nearly 40 years ago.

I had been treating a severely depressed man who, for many months, was not responsive to intensive psychotherapy or medication. Beneath his depression lay a myriad of fears that he would be like his father, which included dying at the same age of his father as well as guilt that he was not like his father and could live a full life.

One of the reasons that grief happens to be triggered by external reminders, such as in anniversary reactions, is because grief is an emotion that sends a vague alert to help you to remember, rather than to forget. Even so, what most people do with grief is attempt to forget--to get over it--which is quite contrary to the purpose of the emotion.

Rather than try to forget, one must attempt to remember and accept what the emotion is trying to convey. There are many ways to remember. You can remember what you learned from the person you lost, remember what you enjoyed, and you can cry if you feel like crying. Even if your grief is about a relationship gone bad, there is always something that you can learn through recollection.

There are related themes of loss that people express, and later grief responses related to those losses, such as the many women and men who have given up a child for adoption. Similarly, the date a child would have been born for a childless woman who has had a miscarriage can trigger grief.

Whenever I am bothered by the thought of just how misguided the notion of stages of grieving can be, I remember one patient in particular who wanted help with the depression she had every summer, which at the time she told me was when her year old child had died 25 years before.Best Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby; Best Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby.

Pinterest; More. author of the book and DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block, believe most are simply having trouble. - As a young petrified woman sits in the delicate comforting oversized chairs at the deathly abortion clinic, her foot taps anxiously out of control as her heart pumps the blood rapidly through her veins.

carrying joys and burdens and preparing human destiny for the lives to come. Susan Griffin writes, “What is buried in the past of one. Baby Shower A baby shower is a conventional celebration that emerged in the United States. The practice has now been adopted across the globe, from Europe to Asia.

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However in the latter, it is mostly attended by women only, whereas in the West men also take part in the festivities. Mary Cassatt May 22, - June 14, ; Susan Comforting the Baby (no.2) - Mary Stevenson Cassatt was an American painter and printmaker.

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