Sakae sushi product analysis

Market Demographics Our marketing efforts will focus on the following groups of people: The majority of them are retired or semi-retired baby boomers, and urban professionals. This group is the second largest group of customers. Market Needs There are two market needs we are attempting to fill.

Sakae sushi product analysis

His eventual investing goal is to manage a risk parity portfolio and achieve true financial freedom. SI is engaged in the business of operating restaurants, kiosks and cafes, trading, sushi processing and operating as caterer and franchiser.

It operates in two segments: Breaking down by geographical segment, Singapore, Malaysia and Others all experienced decreasing turnovers. Current cash holdings at 4. Catalysts —Only growth catalyst will be greater than expected turnover from Malaysia and successful expansion into regional markets.

Peer comparison further confirms this theory as the restaurant industry in general is still able to generate profit growth despite facing the same issues of rising operating and rental costs. It is a concern how Sakae will finance their promise of overseas expansion, with their low liquidity and strong possibility of more consolidation of non-performing outlets in the horizon.

Key Financials Image Source from FY16 Annual Report Conventional financial metrics are not applicable as the company is generating negative earnings for the past two years. Company has also seen declining profit margins and negative free cash flow over the past two years.

Industry mean is near 0 given the restaurants in general are not capital intensive. Hence, Sakae having high amount of debt in the restaurant industry is unusual and which may signify poor capital structure decisions.

Valuation and Analysis No valuation analysis as given current situation company has no clear growth drivers and is more likely to default in my opinion.

Sakae Holdings is a good case study of how a company cannot simply rest on its past laurels and continue to profit. A decade ago, the name Sakae Sushi was synonymous with Japanese food for Singaporeans. But the company has gradually seen its market share being eaten by competitors who offer higher quality Japanese food at lower price points.

The lack of innovation in its menu and operations have seen standards across the restaurants becoming inconsistent and signs of cost-cutting and lack of attention detail have been noticed by the fast-changing taste of Singaporean consumers. Sakae has also demonstrated poor management ability, with ill-advised capital decisions and a seemingly stagnant business model that is unable to adapt to current times resulting in overexpansion and inability to capitalise on its strong Singapore brand locally and overseas.

One striking example that bothers me the most about the management: It reflects badly on upper management as they seem to have shown disregard for employees and shareholders. InvestingNote does not issue a buy or sell recommendation on any security, and any research paper published by The Signal Blog is purely for informative purposes.

This research is based on current public information, but we do not represent it is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied on as such.

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Sakae sushi product analysis

Backlink Analysis. Search Results for 'sakae sushi swot' a Case Study On 7P's Of Marketing Sakae Sushi 1. Executive Summary In this report, we will go through the elements of how Sakae Sushi delivers value to its customers through their product, price, place, promotion and the.

value chain analysis 1. value chain analysis: 2. value the value is the total amount (i.e. total revenue) that buyers are willing to pay for a firm’s products.

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the difference between the total value (or revenue) and the total cost of performing all of the firm’s activities provides the margin. the value chain is a tool developed by dr. michael po. Sakae Sushi.

August – Heute 1 Jahr 3 Monate. Assistant Marketing Manager VinegPlus. März – Juli 1 Jahr 5 Monate. Publika.

Plan and execute of New Product Launching Plan and execute on all POSM material To organize event and collaboration with Title: Marketing Manager at Sakae Sushi.

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Sakae Sushi is the flagship brand of Apex-Pal International Ltd which has grown from one outlet in to 35 outlets as of now (), making it the largest local chain of Japanese restaurants.

Its mission and core values can be found in Appendix A.

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