Project reality servers

Now, with the Internet connecting Producers to the rest of the world, Reality Television has become the most viable genre for new Writers, Creators and everyday people with great ideas to break into the Industry. Producers look for interesting subjects, people, professions, and original formats to purchase and produce as new shows. No longer can Producers be limited by their own development team.

Project reality servers

News 7 comments Hi guys, first of all, thank you so much for your patience over the years. It's been a long time since the beta and we know you're anxiously waiting for updates or better yet, a release date. Unfortunately, the release isn't ready just yet, but we wanted to give you some information about what we're working on.

Do note that everything you see here is a work in progress and can change before we release. With no more delay, here's a peek of what we're preparing for the inclusion of WW2 into PR v1. We plan to implement it into PR alongside other vehicles we could potentially use.

With about 6, units produced in andthe M10 was the most numerous of the American Tank Destroyers of World War 2. Sporting the potent 3 inch M7 anti-aircraft cannon refitted as a tank cannon and the same drive train as the M4 Sherman, it was about as powerful as the aforementioned in terms of offensive capabilities.

Its open top turret design however meant the crew was exposed to artillery, shrapnel and rifle fire, whereas its thin armour meant it was quite fragile compared to proper main battle tanks and was supposed to not even engage them over open ground.

Overall the M10 was a reasonably successful vehicle regardless of its shortcomings and so it was used until the end of the war despite the fact that its successor vehicles M18 and M36 were already being fielded, not only by the American Army, but by the British, Free French and Red Army as well.

WW2 we have been using placeholder trucks for the US forces. We hope to change this before release. We have received permission to use the model seen above orginally created by diStefan. It is however not modeled for gaming, the BF2 engine simply can't handle the polygon count. That's why we have Veti, who also did the incredible Polish trucks for v1.

We would like this to be completed before release but there is a high chance it will need more time then that. Panzer VI Tiger Ausf. H2 We also have our own tank in production! As yet another icon of World War 2, the Tiger needs no real introduction.

Produced from tothe Tiger like no other tank embodied Nazi Germany's belief in power and supremacy over others. While current historians argue that production of the Tiger was not benefical to the German war efforts at all given that production numbers were low and at no point were more Tigers in a combat-ready state than not, its terrifying armament and strong armour was not to be trifled with and US troops regularly called out sighted Panzer IVs as Tigers - as they look sort of similar at range - out of fear and rightfully so.

The 88mm cannon could penetrate the M4 Sherman frontally up to about 2 kilometers away and was virtually impervious on the front to many of the common anti-tank guns and tank cannons at medium ranges itself.

With that being said however, the Tiger is not at all a perfect vehicle, so use its shortcomings against it.

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OverWC's were produced and it was used extensively during World War 2 alongside the many other Dodge utility truck variants. The vehicle was known as the 'Beep', since it really looks like the Jeep's bigger brother.

In-game this vehicle will provide fast offroad transport for up to 8 men. We plan to include armed. VdHeide is still working on both the model and the textures, but we hope we will get this vehicle done before PR: Most having received updated animations and many sport new sounds as well.

Work is still on going but nearly finished. In addition to that we are also doing the final touches on the weapon coding and balance setup. Currently in the process of getting all the correct sounds. The original model is by Killer with the textures made by PakWai.

The FG42 was developed after the events of the German Airbourne Invasion of Crete inwhich, although ending in the successful takeover of the island, had resulted in severe losses on the German forces due to the fact that the Fallschirmjaeger could not jump out of the planes with their rifle in hand.

To address this limitation and the Kar98k's lackluster combat performance, the FG42 was put into service. Although several variations and attachments exist, the FG42 is currently used exclusively as a squad automatic weapon for the German Fallschirmjaeger faction variation.

More details on this below.

To all the new Project Reality players : ProjectReality

Trenching Tools Technically also weapons in PR, are the entrenching tools. As one of the most common seen objects in PR we had to make sure these were more historically appropriate.

Just like converting other common assets like crates, vehicle depots we believe these changes help with making PR: WW2 feel integrated through all aspects of the game. We plan to do similar historic makeover for rallypoints and medic bags. As these are the last objects that still look too modern.servers are limited to test servers so we can collect test data.

Password is: data4smartpeople (If you need a hand filling out branch passwords, check out this post from alpha 10 for a guide.). I have always heard of Project Reality and watch many videos of gameplay, but didn't want to buy BF2 in order to play it. I saw on r/gamernews that had released and it was free, so I spend an hour trying to install it and played my first game last night.

This is a community that enjoys playing the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. This is an international community, you can find the various community websites below. Project Reality may seem like a complex and difficult game at first, but once the basics are learned, the game will likely leave you an ever-lasting impression that'll have you coming back for more.

Project Reality is a standalone mod of Battlefield 2, a video game. Most computers are able. Jan 16,  · Me and my buds playing on a server with PR like settings.

Project reality servers

Dec 07,  · Hello! Some days ago me and some friends started to play project reality with mumble and we thought it was an awesome system they had which was that if you were in lets say channel 1 you could talk to channel 2 with a certain bind. So now im wondering how can I do this on my own mumble server?

Me and some friends just got the dota2 beta and we want to be able to sit in a channel for .

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