Inspired from the philippine stagers foundation

Vino Oriarte Manila, Philippines--For theater is a collaborative artform, yours truly gestured the creative team, cast, and production crew of grassroots theater company Philippine Stagers Foundation's PSF latest work, "Filipinas ," to join me on stage, together with Atty.

Inspired from the philippine stagers foundation

But then I digress. Going back, I was impressed on how they were able to transplant entire houses and buildings all the way from its place of origin to the sleepy, fishing village of Bagac, Bataan. So when our group, Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista In c, were offered a free tour of the place courtesy of Jam Acuzar, one of our good benefactorswhose father - Jerry Acuzar, conceptualized the heritage themed resortI immediately signed up.

It was a long commute from my place in Caloocan to Bagac. The journey up north is worthy of another blog entry itself.

I left at home at 5am and after four bus transfers I finally reached Bagac at a little after 9am. I was supposed to meet up with the rest of the group but I arrived a little earlier than expected so I decided to wait for them at Casa Mexico, which is also a restored heritage house from Mexico, Pampanga, and now acts as the reception area.

Dexter Manansala When the rest arrived, we decided to join the walking tour after lunch, with Mr. Dexter Manansala as our tour guide. Walking on cobbled streets amidst rows of centuries-old heritage houses at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is like going through time and space warp.

According to tour guide - Dexter, each and every wall in Las Casas Filpinas harbors a different story. Dexter explained, "Binabaklas po ang bawat parte ng bahay and then dinadala po dito isinasakay sa malaking truck and then dinadala po dito.


Pagdating po dito, muli po siyang binubuo, para pong puzzle ang dating. The first house the we visted was Casa Lubao owned by the Arrastia-Vitug family and built in The house sat directly in front of the Lubao municipal hall.

It is a huge establishment with hardwood furnishings and an eccentric ceiling fruit embelishments. But one time, one cunning kid discovered that by turning the ceiling fan on the baskets would fall and they would be able to get their hands on the contents.

So when they did this the fruits fell like rain inside the house.

Inspired from the philippine stagers foundation

And this inspired the artisans to make the fruit carvings on the ceiling. One great story about the house was told by Dexter in a very mysterious tone.

Inspired from the philippine stagers foundation

Before the Second World War, a Japanese man came to work as a driver for the family. It turns out that the driver was one of the many Japanese soldiers who infiltrated Filipino communities years before the war. When the war broke out, the Japanese seized the house and used it as a garrison. Although Philippine history is ridden with horrors of Japanese cruelty, the Arrastia-Vitug family was spared, thanks to their driver, who turned out to be a Japanese colonel.

I saw the ruins of this house when I frequented Laguna during my college days and was excited to finally be able to see its interiors. It was indeed a perfect example of a class A bahay na bato during the mid 19th century.

He was not married to Brigida making all her children with Lorenzo illegitimate. But Jose Alberto married Teodora Formoso. It is said that she had been unfaithful to Jose especially when he was out of the country.

She had an affair with an officer of the civil guards. Upon knowing what had happened, Jose Alberto imprisoned Teodora Formoso inside their mansion. Teodora Alonso came to the aid of her hurting brother, the bunso in the family, even against the will of her husband, Francisco Mercado.

Immediately, Teodora Formoso put the food on the floor and called her dog to eat it. The dog died instantly and she accused her sister-in-law of attempted murder. She suffered two years in jail as a consequence.

Owned by Rafael Enriquez, the house was considered the most elegant during the Spanish regime.THE PHILIPPINE Stagers Foundation presents Supremo Redux: The Musical, which tackles the life of revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio, on Aug.

26, 7 p.m., at Cinema 9, SM North EDSA, Quezon City. The show is written and directed by Vincent M. Tañada. Jul 08,  · *change resolution settings to P/P at the right side for the full quality An excerpt of PSF's new musical for about Pope Francis and the people he has inspired.

PPO’s Music Director Olivier Ochanine conducting Philippine Philharmonic at PASINAYA festival in CCP.


The 10th edition expanded to the National Museum and Metropolitan Museum and other establishments last March 16, The premise was not far from Laxamana’s heart, as the tale of the siblings was inspired by his own experiences as a survivor of the Mt.

Pinatubo eruption. In full force, Philippine Stagers Foundation family accept their BroadwayWorld Philippines Regional Awards (Photo: Vino Oriarte) Manila, Philippines--For theater is a collaborative artform. The Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), on its 15th Season, announces the following stage plays and musicals to be shown in various theater venues in Metro Manila and chosen provinces: Katips – Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero is a musical about the life of the Filipino people in the s.

Ten Kapampangans The Nation Forgot ~ AXL Powerhouse Production Inc.