How political affect airasia

The crash had nothing to do with the weather, as had been suspected in the immediate aftermath see earlier posts below. What happened, essentially, is that a combination of mechanical malfunction and human error led to the pilots losing control of the plane.

How political affect airasia

How does the company face the competition? How does a host country political and international legal environment or trade barrier affect the Malaysian companies in their international marketing activities? Bagaimana sebuah negara tuan rumah persekitaran politik dan antarabangsa undang-undang atau perdagangan halangan menjejaskan syarikat-syarikat Malaysia dalam aktiviti pemasaran antarabangsa mereka?

Bagaimana sebuah negara persekitaran politik dan undang2 antarabangsa memberi kesan kepada syarikat Malaysia dalam aktiviti pemasaran antarabangsa mereka?

SWOT analysis of the company in term of their 4 Ps product, price, promotion and place g. Any others additional information h. References a,b,h — part 1 c — part 2 d — part 3 e — part 4 fathi — part 5 each person choose one to do it n leave a comment which part u all do yea… tq BUS Strategy — T01 Question 1 AirAsia, which is one of the earliest low cost carriers LCC in Asia, has become a LCC since So far, it has expanded its network from Malaysia to Thailand to Singapore, Macau and even the Mainland China in Thus, what are the possible core competencies to ensure that there is quantum leap to success?

The internal analysis on the company below will answer the question. This above average results indicates that the company has been managed well and thus is able to achieve high above-average returns.

How political affect airasia

The increase in current ratio from 1. In fact, the debt-to-asset ratio in the last 5 years was low and decreasing too. As a matter of fact, init was merely 0. With such huge reserves and low debt-to-asset ratio, Air Asia is thus capable of generating internal funds to finance any expansion.

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This in turn helps to create synergy and capability to deliver the full spectrum of low cost carrier business. Physical Resources Despite having a large fleet of Boeing aircraft for operation, Air Asia still continues to invest heavily.

This includes the acquisition of more fuel-efficient aircraft A so that the company can have sufficient capacity to meet the growing needs and demands of their customers as well as to continue to keep its cost low. Technological Resources Air Asia was the first airline in Southeast Asia to utilize e-ticketing so that traditional travel agents can be bypassed.

Human Resources Management Although the employees were not unionized and the salaries offered by the company were below those of its rivals, AirAsia is still able to keep its work force motivated by providing a remuneration policy that is competitive and attractive.

All these efforts not only helped to improve productivity, it also further strengthened employer-employee relationships. In addition, AirAsia is also able to leverage on innovative ideas to derive substantial ancillary revenues from additional services.

In andthe company also won several prestigious awards. Most notably, the International Herald Tribune listed Mr. Tony Fernandez in its Visionaries and Leadership series in AirAsia purchased insurance policies to mitigate pure risk although it is done and operated a bit differently as it adopts an integrated approach risk management that goes beyond the traditional parameters of what is insurable.

For instance, when AirAsia purchases insurance any policies to insure against pure risk, it also makes a conscious effort to acquire them at a much lower rate lower than other LCCs. AirAsia has little exposure to credit risk as it does not lend money to any external parties.

Better still, customers who wish to purchase their air tickets need to make payment almost immediately upon booking. Hence, this eliminates credit risk totally. Logistics This involves all areas of receiving, storing of inputs when producing outputs.

So far, AirAsia only operates on a single type of aircraft, the Boeing Based on a Report published by Aero Connections inthat particular model was the best selling commercial jet of all times due to its efficiency and cost effectiveness.Malaysia and Singapore Today, News on Malaysia, newspapers in Malaysia, links to Chinese, English and Malay newspapers, Independent web news on .

Essay about Airasia. Words Nov 7th, 43 Pages. Show More. PEST Analysis: The Indian Airline Industry A PEST analysis is an analysis of the external macro-environment that affects all firms.

P.E.S.T. is an acronym for the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors of the external macro-environment. Host Country. AirAsia's booking form doesn't list countries or regions aside from destination cities, which apparently keeps the airline out of tricky situations.

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Political issues may cause problems in the outcome of the company. Some of the political factors that may affect a company are events that affect the operation of the company; therefore regarding an aviation company such as AirAsia political events will affect the result of the company.

Dec 09,  · World Bank Group hosts inaugural global forum on tourism.

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