Genetic engineering case studies

Glowing Bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens, a common soil bacterium, was genetically modified in the early nineties to contain a gene which enables it to produce light under certain circumstances.

Genetic engineering case studies

The researchers then cloned them, successfully carrying the fluorescent gene to the next generation of kitty clones. For better or for worse, it looks like genetic engineering is here to stay, which begs the question: If that sounds extreme, just check out these 10 insane cases of genetic engineering.

So researchers are turning to goatsthe only animal in the world that could possibly improve by having more spider DNA.


Professor Randy Lewis, of the University of Wyoming, has isolated the genes that produce dragline silk, the strongest type of silk spiders use when they anchor their webs most spiders produce six different types of silk.

Then he spliced the genes with the genes used by goats to produce milk, mated that goat, and confirmed that three of the seven baby goats retained the silk-producing gene.

Genetic engineering case studies

Sometimes, however, they just throw a bunch of genes into a mouse and wait to see what happens. What will the singing mice be used for? Genetically modified Atlantic salmon, engineered to grow twice as large and twice as fast as regular salmon.

The second is a gene from an eelpout, a bottom-dwelling eel-like fish that continually grows all year round—salmon, on the other hand, typically only grow during the summer. That is to say, the FDA already gave its approvalin December The team also successfully altered carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and tobacco to carry the vaccine, but feel that bananas are the most reliable transport system.

Genetic engineering case studies

To summarize the way vaccines work, a weakened version of the virus or germ is injected into the person. But there are plenty of ways vaccinations can go wrong, from allergic reactions to just plain not working.

And why is it recommended that you get a flu shot every year? Because viruses adapt in response to the vaccine—which means new strains of vaccinated bananas would have to be developed continuously to keep up with the genetic arms race.

First she put all our meat inside animals that can run away from us, and then she went and turned those animals into environmental pollutants. Fortunately, science is here to pick up the pieces. Enter the Enviropiga pig genetically modified to absorb more phytic acid, which in turn reduces the amount of phosphorous waste produced by the pig.

The goal is to reduce phosphorous pollution that comes from spreading pig manure on the ground, one of the many ways hog farms deal with excess pig waste. The excess phosphorous in normal pig manure builds up in the soil and leeches into nearby water sources, which is a problem.

Genetically Engineered Babies – Reality or Myth?

With extra phosphorous in the water, algae will grow at an increased rate, taking all the oxygen out of the water and basically suffocating all the fish.

The project ran for 10 generations of Enviropigs, but ran out of funding in But not just any eggs—eggs from chickens that have been modified with human genes. British researcher Helen Sang has developed chickens infused with human DNA that contains proteins that can fight skin cancer.

When the chickens lay eggs, half of the normal protein that makes up the egg whites will instead contain the drug proteins used against cancer.

Those drugs can then be isolated and given to patients.


The idea is that manufacturing the drugs this way would be cheaper and more efficient, without the use of the expensive bio-reactors that are the industry standard right now. Their method involved cloning human genes and mixing them with the DNA in a cow embryo.‘Big Picture’ is a free and impartial educational resource for biology teachers and students exploring the innovations and implications of cutting-edge science.

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And is genetic engineering something we should endeavor to Mitochondrial disease is a genetic disorder that can cause a variety of malfunctions throughout the body, including stunted growth, an increased risk of could be ready to use within three years These studies appear to indicate that the.

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