Bus303 persuasive memo fitness center

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Bus303 persuasive memo fitness center

Nonprofit Conversation The goal of "Nonprofit Conversation" is to provide a forum for discussion of nonprofit success and challenges. Bunnie Riedel host provides advice, observations and solutions for the nonprofit community. Guest bloggers will be invited to share their ideas and interviews will be conducted with nonprofit executives, board members and other experts in an effort to create a "conversation.

And my Google Analytics is telling me that people are frequently searching for sample membership renewal letters, so I guess I better make good on my promise. Rather than providing a sample, I decided to provide step-by-step instructions because every nonprofit is different and it would be impossible to write a pristine one-size-fits-all letter.

There are a couple of reasons. Strictly sending a membership renewal via email will lower returns. People are inundated with email and the likelihood the recipient will delete the email without reading it is high.

You can do both, email the renewal letter and mail the renewal letter, that way all your bases are covered. The Greeting It is important to personalize the greeting. The First Paragraph The first paragraph must be an acknowledgement and a thank you to the member for their loyalty to your organization.

Second and Third Paragraphs Briefly tell them what the organization has accomplished in the past year. Personally, I am a fan of bullet points. Tell me three great things you did with their membership dollars.

We were able to beat back legislation on Capitol Hill that would have prohibited farming collectives in the Tennessee Valley. Our defeat of this legislation means that family farms will continue to thrive just as they have for over years.

Over people attended the four day conference and we were able to award 50 conference scholarships to graduate students from universities throughout the country. We developed a media relations campaign with public service announcements for television and radio on why water conservation is so important.

You need their membership commitment to accomplish even greater things in the coming year. List a few of those great things you are going to do. Again, bullet points are my preference; short, sweet, bullet points.

The Close Thank them again, let them know that if they need anything they can contact you and you will be happy to assist. The closing must be from the highest officer Executive Director or Chair of the Board, not the membership director.

Bus303 persuasive memo fitness center

Technically Here are some technical points: Try not to go over 2 pages. I once was in a seminar in which a direct mail consultant said the appeal letter had to be 4 pages. People do not have time to read 4 pages, the mail package will cost you a lot more and nowadays, people see lots of paper as being wasteful.

I recommend 2 one-sided pages so it has some weight, but if your organization is highly concerned about conservation, you can do a double sided letter not my first choice. Do use recycled paper and envelopes, people notice things like that.

Include a return envelope. If they really like you, they will spring for the stamp. Be sure the signature of the Executive Director or Chair is in blue, not black.

Even while most people understand that the membership letters are computer generated, having the signature in blue makes it look more personal. Be sure to send a thank you note, it can be brief, but acknowledge their membership.

A nice thank you will suffice. In the previous post I talked about when you should mail, how often you should mail, etc. Read the Membership Recruitment and Retention post mentioned at the top of this one for a membership renewal mailing strategy.

And, please do write me if you have any questions or need assistance info at riedelcommunications dot com Thanks for reading!Apr 12,  · Writing an Effective Membership Renewal Letter.

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