An analysis of the hazing in universities across the nation

Hazing Essay, Research Paper Hazing to Beat or not to Beat Hazing has been known as the right of passage into American colleges in the past and even still today. Primarily in fraternities hazing has been more so a problem than any other organization. Most anyone who s seen the classic college movie Animal House can recall this famous seen of young Kevin Bacon s paddling during his fraternity pledgeship.

An analysis of the hazing in universities across the nation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Though a regular activity in the seventies, hazing, a possible dangerous act of initiation to a group, has now become an activity that is banned in thirty-nine states Wagner However, this ritual has not been stopped or become less severe.

Since it has been banned, with many colleges imposing their own penalties against those participating in it, many fraternities and sororities have pursued this activity in an underground fashion. Since these groups have gone underground, some victims of these rituals have been injured and subsequently died.

The importance of this hazing situation is the fact that people are being injured, both physically and mentally, causing death or lifelong trauma.

Though it may seem like an easy to control situation, the truth is that it is not easy at all. The only times that these groups, who subject individuals to hazing activities, are caught or penalized is after the damage done to an individual is so horrible as to result in death or hospitalization.

It is especially hard to see the mental abuse aspect of this situation.

An analysis of the hazing in universities across the nation

It may look like an innocent prank, and may actually seem humorous, but stunts like this can deeply affect a person emotionally Scleifer Physical hazing, however, is where the most life threatening problems are occurring.

With groups such as Omega Psi Phi of the University of Florida, who whacked its inductees in the heads with boards, beat them with fists, and hit them with bricks, one can only expect catastrophic results.

Snell, a junior at the University of Maryland with such objects as a hammer, a horsehair whip, a broken chair leg, and a brush. Later, Snell was forced to place a space heater next to his face because the group said that his skin was not black enough.

Snell was hospitalized due to the incident. He remained scared and despondent after his release. The hurt and confusion of a victim of mental and physical hazing can remain for years after the abuse.

Yet, even after all the abuse, members of these organizations continue to feel that because they had to suffer through this act of initiation to get into the group, their successors must also be fall subject to these activities.

Naturally, people want and need to be accepted. This is why an individual will go along with the hazing activities.

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Lydia Bradley, a strong advocate of anti-hazing laws and national speaker for placement of these laws, has interviewed students about the act of hazing in college. We, as the public, are limited, both in our knowledge of what truly happens in these groups and the ability to stop it, by not personally becoming a member of them.

As of yet, there are virtually no associations that actively monitor the actions of fraternities and sororities. They are trusted to act in a responsible manner. National Fraternities and sororities have neglected their parental responsibilities and have left pledging up to these adolescents.

It is important that these actions are stopped by any reasonable means necessary. Since hazing has been a process that virtually all these members had been subject to, they will be reluctant to change.

Therefor, an alternative must be able to instill these exact qualities. Believers in the supposed benefits of hazing may be more likely to change their opinion if they can envision some alternatives. In this case, specific programs should be established to teach the devastating effects of hazing.

A new sanction reduction policy has been established at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey to tackle some of the problems. The fraternities at this college that have been sanctioned for committing violations are now able to participate in a program that will possibly reduce their sanctions.

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Along with this, they had established a Greek self-study committee, through which a Greek Council was formed Kempert This will educate students about the dangers they are placing on the pledges and change their ways while offering them the incentive of lowered sanctions at the same time.

Incentives seem to be the best way to reach these organizations and hopefully it will subject them to the knowledge of what their actions may cause others.

An alternative replacement to hazing activities would be another way to eliminate this problem. They could foster their unity in ways such as involving the whole group in a community charity. Instead of making the pledges do chores or excessive exercise, why not promote scholarship by designating study hours.

These fraternities or sororities could invite leaders of the national groups or advisors to speak at a meeting instead of forcing these pledges to incessantly recite names or worthless facts about the group they are pledging to.Anti hazing education plan 1.

Anti-Hazing Education Plan Stetson University 2. Hazing is a hot topic across the nation, and most colleges and universities are taking aggressive steps to educate university communities to prevent harm of any kind to their Faculty, Staff and Students. SEPTEMBER 15, – NBC News will investigate the hazing epidemic facing colleges and universities with a new special “Hazing in America” series across all broadcast and digital platforms – including “TODAY,” “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt,” MSNBC, – beginning this Monday, Sept.

18, the first day of National Hazing Prevention Week. On June 25, educational leaders from campuses across the nation will travel to Richmond to witness VCU’s accomplishments and explore how universities can strengthen their communities and the democracy of this nation.

The University of Alabama, the state’s oldest and largest public institution of higher education, is a student-centered research university that draws the best and brightest to an academic community committed to providing a premier undergraduate and graduate education. The diversity of universities within this analysis, as detailed earlier in the paper, is important to note when considering the purpose of sport for all universities given the potential differences in .

The majority of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities were established after the Civil War and provided the former slave population with an opportunity to gain basic education to prepare them for the responsibilities of freedom.

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