An analysis of the devestating consequences from the genocide in srebrenica

Following a declaration of national sovereignty on 15 October as the former Yugoslavia began to disintegrate, a referendum for independence was held on 29 February The result, in favour of independence, was rejected by the political representatives of the Bosnian Serbs who had boycotted the referendum.

An analysis of the devestating consequences from the genocide in srebrenica

For me, it is still a responsibility to demand accountability from those who not only committed the crime but also who allowed it to happen, a shameful betrayal.

However, for the families of the victims, the moment of loss persists more than two decades later. Bodies, or more accurately fragments are being recovered still today and awaiting identification and proper burial after being dispersed in multiple sites in efforts to conceal the crime.

Mothers, wives and children still await the knock on the door thinking that perhaps a son, husband or father may actually walk back into their lives.

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A cup of Bosnian coffee brings back the senses to a happier time for families, villages and towns, but these cups will never be drunk. They remain full of memories, hot and very personal to each who continue to suffer this terrible loss and still awaiting closure. Extermination speaks of numbers, but murder translates into the loss of each individual life and the void left within the families and communities of those killed.

A cup of coffee, waiting to be drunk and remaining full represents Srebrenica, indeed all of BiH, the lost moments and yearning for thousands - it is the empty shoes of the Holocaust. As the organizers of this monument write: This year, the chosen host city is Boston, and the host organization of the project is New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Carlos Serra, 10th version of Sto Te Nema? Forgiveness is also possible, but too many of those who committed the crimes and their apologists remain unrepentant or even celebratory in rationalizing the extermination. Those who betrayed Srebrenica, and failed to protect the UN and NATO "safe area" from the murderers, seek to repel demands for a true inquiry or change to reverse the consequences of genocide.

Thus, "never forget" is an active verb for most Bosnians and Herzegovinians. For those families and friends though that have suffered the loss of a loved one, this monument reminds of what was lost and what could have been of the lives and life. This year, the volunteers and contributors list includes a very diverse group of individuals of all background, who collectively take a strong stand against genocide, as a crime against entire humanity that affects us all, directly and indirectly.

The Bosnian American community in the area sees this as a beautiful sign of positive interfaith relations, and a show of true Bostonian spirit. If you happen to be in Boston, pass by Copley Square, take in the smell of freshly made Bosnian coffee and contemplate the role and responsibility that each one of us has in making sure that "Never again" is not only an overused empty phrase but rather a reality for people all around the world because as we speak, the "Never again" unfortunately has turned to "Once again" in many places around the globe.Genocide and the consequences of those denials for present generations—both Turkish and Armenian—illuminated in the film as an extension of the genocide.

Egoyan uses a film-within-a-film to move beyond a popular definition of genocide. Where: Srebrenica district, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Death toll: 8, men and boys.

An analysis of the devestating consequences from the genocide in srebrenica

Almost as ugly as the genocide itself was the Serbs’ attempt to cover up their crime. They moved the mass graves and tried to camouflage them.

Srebrenica massacre sites are still being discovered – only 3, bodies have so .

An analysis of the devestating consequences from the genocide in srebrenica

An inter-faith and cross-sectoral delegation from Northern Ireland will be visiting Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of the Remembering Srebrenica programme to learn about the genocide and the consequences of hate. The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide (Bosnian: Masakr u Srebrenici; Genocid u Srebrenici), was the July genocide of more than 8, Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian barnweddingvt.comrators: Army of Republika Srpska, Scorpions paramilitary group.

Apr 09,  · The Armenian genocide was the first genocide of Modern World History, but it was not the first time the world saw an ethnic and religious group angry with and persecuting another. The Armenian genocide is special because it was the first time the world saw mass slaughter being planned and executed by government officials.

The Srebrenica genocide in Context – Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, David Rohde, explains the Srebrenica genocide within the wider context of the Bosnian war. READ MORE HERE The Death March – As Srebrenica was taken by Bosnian Serb forces a large number of (mainly) men decided not to try to shelter with the UN, but to try to reach Bosnian held territory over Kilometres away.

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