A review of michael moores documentary the big one

It's all Gwen Stefani's fault. Well, most of the country's current mess, anyway. Leave it to Michael Moore to connect such improbable dots.

A review of michael moores documentary the big one

Bush, it seemed likely that Moore would take something of the same tack with the presidency of Donald Trump. He makes the point that Donald Trump has always committed corruptions and outrages in plain sight.

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Yet as Moore himself has declared: We know all this! But then Moore takes a left turn pun intended, kind of by returning to his hometown of Flint, Mich. A profitable but completely unnecessary new pipeline was built, and during that time the city stopped getting its water from Lake Huron and, instead, used water from the rancid, polluted Flint River.

As night follows day, people got sick. The message of what took place in Flint is that our safeguards are disappearing. The events themselves are horrific beyond words, but the viewer starts to wonder where this is all heading.

Maybe Moore should have made an entire movie about the Flint water crisis. For those of us who feel that the Times has been bold, and essential, in its reporting on Trump, the whole mainstream-media-is-just-a-corporate-tool argument feels kneejerk and false.

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Moore makes a big show of branding prominent media figures Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, etc. Talk about seen it before! The days when even the liberal faithful would turn out in droves to see a Michael Moore movie are gone, and this one, despite its title, lacks a catchy dramatic angle.

Yet if you stick with the movie, it starts to acquire a potent chill. In the last half hour, Moore takes the leap into his real message: Moore lunges right for the ultimate comparison — Hitler — but his point is not to bash Donald Trump by likening him to the most evil mind of the 20th century.

Not thinking it could happen is how it happens. How do we stop it? The short answer — still my favorite — is elections. Vote the destructive racist sociopath out of office.

A lot of us would say, without necessarily being tools of the corporation: Moore thinks the whole system has to be tossed out, and he gives us a resonant piece of evidence: You may never feel the same way about Obama again.Once a documentary titan in the mids, Michael Moore is not attracting as big an audience now with his latest film, "Fahrenheit 11/9".

"The Big One" finds Moore on the cusp of a book tour in , when he published his best-selling book "Downsize This!" Rather than the usual major-market barnstorm, Moore visited 47 small and mid.

Apr 10,  · In his new documentary, "The Big One,'' he crisscrosses the country on a book tour, and finds factories closing, corporations shipping jobs overseas, and couples working extra jobs to make ends meet. "It's like being divorced,'' a mother with three jobs tells him in Centralia, Ill.3/5.

7 days ago · The documentary, which just premiered at TIFF, has a news peg in the election of Donald Trump. But Michael Moore has much bigger fish to fry. The Big One is a documentary film written and directed by documentarian filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, and released by Miramax Films. The film documents Moore during his tour promoting his book Downsize This!

around the United barnweddingvt.come date: September 6, (Toronto International Film Festival), April 10, 8 days ago · ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Review: Michael Moore’s New Movie Is About a Lot More Than Donald Trump. The biggest one, which he returns to for lengthy chunks of the film, is the Flint water crisis.

A review of michael moores documentary the big one
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