A fun and adventurous lucid dream

They can help beginners and advanced dreamers alike, and can even be used WITHIN the dream Affirmations should be said in the present tense as if happening now. They need to be positive, and avoid negative words. Such as "I will not forget to reality check!

A fun and adventurous lucid dream

The dream symbol has different significance depending on whether you are a cat lover or not. To see a cat in your dream generally symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power.

Like any other dream interpretations, remember to take note of the context of meeting or seeing the cat in your dream.

A fun and adventurous lucid dream

It suggests that you are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself. If the dream features a cat hiding from you: It could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.


To see cats playing in your dream refers to your frisky nature. You need to show your feminine yet playful side. Try to have more fun with your daily routine that you may consider more feminine in nature.

Consider have some fun while cooking for yourself, or play with your children to have fun.

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When the dream cat is actually talking to you and giving you advice: It represents your feminine self is speaking out to you, listen to the message and take note what it has to say about your life and decisions.

You may also have more power and say in your work place. However, if the cat is crying and screaming, someone close to you is in need of help.

A fun and adventurous lucid dream

When the cat in dream is giving birth or being pregnant with kittens: Consult with our general pregnancy dream interpretationhowever, when cat is giving birth to kittens inside your dream, it means that you may have more responsibilities in the near future from your independent yet creative decisions.

New phases of life are being born or started into the world. If the cat is cuddling with your dream: When you have a cat yourself, the dream may be about the actual action.

However, if not, the cuddling action represents you are at peace with your feminine side. When the cat continues to purr and meow at you and do nothing else: You have a false friendship or a weak friend who may betray you.

Dreaming about a friendly cat following you: Means that you have someone who looks up to you. The Cat is in Water somehow: The dream represents that you are in an uncomfortable place in life, if the cat is underwater and suffocating, it means that you are really truly uncomfortable.

Try to get yourself out of the condition as soon as possible. The dream features a cat running away from you: You are too pushy with your endeavors and your actions are pushing people around you away. Learn to be more gentle and do things more slowly. The Dream contains Cat Poop, feces, urine, or cat litter:Dream Moods is the only free online source you need to discover the meanings to your dreams.

Check out our ever expanding dream dictionary, fascinating discussion forums, and other interesting topics related to dreaming. "Simply having the intent to lucid dream and telling yourself that it'll happen or you'll have more control in the dream before you sleep can help," Martinez-Conde says.

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